In today’s world it seems like everyone is online and has a web page or a website.  We’re pretty even sure your kids has a website to talking about their favorite video game.  If you have a business or an organization then the truth of the matter is you need to have a website.  This is where JR Computer Services can help you. We now offer the Web-Hosting and the Design Services you need.  We can build you a website that will have a positive impact on your business.  We have all the tools, talent, knowledge and personnel needed to build a website that will not only look great but it also has functionality. There is no project too small or too big for us to handle.  After all, we are your personal IT service professionals!  
Images, patterns, layouts, and other graphic devices composed into a coherent, distinctive design intended for printing or display over visual media.  Graphic design does not have to be complicated (containing multitude of graphic elements) to be effective. Graphic Design is the art/profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect. This can be anything from a logo for your business to business cards, and letterhead for your company.  It also includes digital works like photo touch-ups, photo manipulation or even custom illustrations.  Brochures, flyers, and newsletters use graphic design skills and layout designs.  Large scale prints such as posters for an event, or a full size billboard ad, even down to the ads placed in the phone book. 
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Anyone can find a template and fill in some data add a few pictures and call it a website.  Our web design staff has over 20 years of experience with Graphic Designs as well as Web Designs.  It seems that a lot of websites today look very similar.  We do not use the ‘cookie cutter’ approach with any website we build.  A member of our design staff will meet with you and get to know you and your business by asking questions to learn what needs you have - before we start.  A custom designed website gives our clients a look and feel that will make you stand out against the competition, and are proud of.  We love it when our client tells us they tell everyone check out their new website!   Our Web Design team does amazing work for far less than you will get with “template” design company.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It’s the process of getting traffic form keywords within your website like “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search result on search engine. All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment isn’t involved, as it is with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with is paid search ads.  SEO’s are important because help search engines find your website and offer your website the search results.  Without them your website will just sit there in cyberspace, like the phone book sits in the drawer.  You website should help get business, it should show up in search results and we can help you and your website.
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A lot of us use email on a daily basis.  There are lots of free email address through gmail, yahoo, AOL, Outlook, etc.  The only problem with that is your email address is not associated with your domain name.  Let me explain. If your company name is “ABC Exports,” which email address would you rahter have your customers seeing and using?  “” or ““? Having your domain name in your email address looks more  professional to the consumer.  Our email options are very affordable and you can get your email anywhere you have an internet connection.
We know you a lot of options when it comes to hosting your website.  Some competitors are asking for high prices just to host your website.  And the lingo and terminology is confusing. JR Computers is here to help.  We proud to now offer our Wed-Hosting Services!  We offer Unlimited Space, Security Suite, Online Store, Redundancy Backup Servers; to help ensure your website is up, running and secure. In short, you can stop worrying about your website and let it help you grow your business. 
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We can acquire your domain name for you, making sure that its secured for your website.  Having a domain is equally as important as a D.B.A.  In today’s world, they are both your identity.  Allowing us to acquire your domain name for you also allows us to make sure that when it comes to renew,  you don’t have to worry about it.    Shorter the better - easy to remember and type.    Meaningful - a name that relates to your site or product.    Clear - no dual meanings and easy to pronounce    Search Engines - consider using one of your keywords    Avoid directory names that are false domain names -    Use your domain name to promote yourself on web pages,           correspondence, emails and traditional mail.
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